About Us

GSA FEB aims to make the FEB a more inclusive space by providing students a community where they can be themselves and meet like-minded people, as well as educate and create visibility within our faculty.


The GSA at the Faculty Economics and Business in Groningen has its own board:

Marleen – Chair

“My goal for the GSA is to create a space where everyone is celebrated for who they are: a community where we can share experiences and find queer joy.”

About Us - Marleen - Chair
About Us - Marjolijn - General Member

Marjolijn – Secretary

“With the GSA I would like to create an environment at the university where everyone can be themselves unapologetically regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression.”

Arsala – Treasurer

“Being part of the first ever GSA at FEB has made me quite happy as it aligns with my vision of the space I want to create for everyone, where people can be themselves freely and proudly.”

About Us - Arsala - Treasurer
About Us - Balazs - Secretary

Bal√°zs – General Member

“My personal goal with the GSA is to create a safe space for those who have their first chance to be themselves now, after arriving in Groningen.”

Maaike – General Member

“My goal with the GSA is to create a community and safe space where people of every gender identity and sexuality feel accepted, especially in a world where it’s scary to be yourself.”

About Us - Maaike - General Member

If you want to know more about us, the GSA of the Faculty of Economics and Business, please fill in the contact form or check out our Instagram page.